About Us

Our Mission

To bring brilliantly affordable, on-trend fashion accessories whilst delighting our customers with our commitment to continually improve their fashion lab experience. 

Our Brand

Fashion lab was created out of a need for an on-trend fashion accessories at ready-to-wear prices. Our trend take inspiration from couture runways and current street style to deliver new, must-have styles to our customers.

We are a fashion forward fashion accessory brand that caters to every other person. We give exceptional customer service and apply our core belief, it is about our customers, always to everything we do.

Fashion lab is your pathway to personal expression. Our quirky fashion accessories can completely reinvent your style, from accessories for men and women. Watches, sunglasses, belts, and wallets. Visit our website and grab something new and eclectic to revitalize your image forever.

Our customers

Our customer is stylish, social, and confident. They should not underestimate the power of the perfect accessory.

With Fashion lab, we offer our customers on current trends, inspirational styling look.

Our Team

Here at Fashion lab, we are enthusiastic, dedicated, diligent and fun-loving team players. We are devoted to fashion, style, and customer service. All team members, who live and breathe our Fashion lab culture commitments


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