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Watches are a well-known friend to men. The task of a watch is to show the current time as precisely as possible, for as long as possible. Other visual elements are important as well, such as how one can see the time from the watch. Functionality-wise, how well the watch sits on your hand is important too. 

When looking for a watch, men often overlook the common tasks of a watch mentioned above and search for something more visually pleasing. This often results in a nice-looking watch lacking the functions it should have as a standard in the first place. To see an excellent selection of watches, all unmatched in their price range, check out our collection of watches.

Automatic Watch

Automatic watches operate without a battery. The mechanism often uses hand motion to start and keep the watch going. Automatic watches require motion daily or semi-daily to keep them running. Often the mechanics of an automatic watch are combined with the ones of a mechanical watch. This enables a manual start and reload of the watch without using any hand motion.

Mechanical Watch

Mechanical watches are remarkably like automatic watches, as they do not need a supermarket battery to run. Mechanical watches need to be started manually by winding the spring. The watch will keep going until the winding is no longer effective and the watch stops. Unlike automatic watches, mechanical types do not use a hand motion to start and reload the spring.

Analog Watch

Analog watches are commonly known as the cheapest type of watch out there. The watch operates with a standard supermarket battery. Analog watches require little maintenance excluding the battery replacement occasionally. Analog watches often are durable and use fairly accurate movements, making them a favorite for men.

Digital Watch

Digital watches use standard supermarket batteries or rechargeable batteries. The watch is displayed from a modern digital screen instead of a traditional display. Digital watches include smartwatches, which are globally spread by large mobile phone and mobile operating system brands.

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