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Mec Whitening Face Wash

Mec Whitening Face Wash

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Mec Whitening Face Wash Nourishing Milk (Charcoal)

  • Mec Whitening Nourishing Milk Face Wash Softens your skin with 1st wash Deeply cleanses & moisturise Mild & skin-friendly formula Removes dark spots & dullness Boost white technology Rich Foaming Daily facial foam with milk extract

Mec Whitening Face Wash Brightening Lemon

  • Mec Whitening Face Wash Brightening Lemon is the perfect solution for a brighter, more luminous complexion. Enriched with natural lemon extract, it gently cleanses and purifies your skin, while removing dullness and discoloration. It helps restore the skin’s natural balance and provides a visible whitening effect. Use daily for a refreshing, radiant glow.

Mec Whitening Face Wash Cucumber Extract

  • Cucumber Extract Refreshes Skin Intense Rich Foaming Daily Facial Foam Hydrates & Revitalises Skin Removes Dark Circles & Spots Deeply Cleanses & Moisturises

Mec Whitening Face Wash Flawless White

  • Mec Whitening Face Wash Flawless White is the perfect solution for achieving brighter skin. Its powerful whitening and brightening ingredients gently remove dirt and dullness, leaving you with a naturally brighter, more radiant look. It has a light foaming action that effectively cleanses skin of impurities while making it visibly clearer and smoother.

Mec Whitening Face Wash Neem Extract

  • Neem Extract Prevents Pimples Daily Facial FoamIntense Rich Foaming Purifies & Moisturises Skin Treats Skin Infections Prevents Acne Breakouts
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