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Watches are quite possibly the most timeless pieces of jewelry— no pun intended— because of their versatility and functionality. In the time of phone and digital clocks, you may not be wearing a watch explicitly to monitor time, however watches can serve as a wonderful way to add class and polish to any look. Check out our guide below for distinctive style elements of watches and what they can add to an outfit.


Leather watches are a classic addition to any jewelry collection. The wonderful thing about leather is its durability and that it can come in so many different shades and sizes to suit your needs. 

Band Width 

Selecting a stout gold band versus a smooth silver one totally changes the expectation behind your wrist wear. Is your watch the sparkling star of your outfit or is a little detail filling in as a final detail to your look?


A flash of color is a wonderful way to zest up any outfit, and watches are no exception to that. For bolder tones like a daring red or radiant blue, picking a more affordable, yet at the same time quality brand is the better move since you will not be donning your colorful wrist candy for daily wear. More stifled tones like redden pink or delicate dim can likewise be a pleasant method to add a trace of color in an unexpected way.


From rose gold to silver, there are so many metal watches available at the market to choose from. Some of the time choosing what metal you need is an extraordinary spot to begin when you are choosing various styles. Then, at that point you can proceed to consider different details like the width of the band, or the design of the watch face itself.

Watch Face 

First, picking between an analog or digital watch face. There are even hybrid versions out there if you are looking for versatility in your look. Analog watches are a rich addition to any outfit that makes you look professional and polished. Digital watches can be incredible for individuals who truly prefer to realize what time it is simply by glancing at their wrist. Digital watches can be great for the outdoors person or people who are not often looking at screens in their day-to-day lives.

Analog Design

A less complex watch band passes on space to go for a more intricate watch face. Invest your energy browsing fun watch faces for an exceptional assertion piece addition to your wardrobe.


Wearable tech has been extremely popular since gadgets like the Apple Watch and Fitbit dropped. Not only the technology has advanced, but the way people accessorize them has too. There are different styles and brands of tech watches and their separate groups to effortlessly change around your regular look.

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